With over 15 years of experience in residential and commercial buildings inspection/maintenance and investigation, Inspection101 Inc. is a leader in building inspection services for Calgary and surrounding areas. For the past several years. I have been working with buyers, sellers, property managers, banks, insurance companies, mortgage brokers and real estate investors.
My services are adapted to every single client and I can offer Home Inspection “A la carte” for your specific requests.
Since 2012, Inspection101 has inspected hundreds of homes, townhouses, condos or mobile homes in Calgary and surrounding areas with professionalism and integrity. As a local, private business owner, I will be the one inspecting your property,  writing the inspection report and answering the phone for all your questions or concerns. 
Inspection101 performs complete and thorough home inspections using the “Alberta fair trading act” standards of practice and the latest technology. 
 My business is licensed, certified and my work is covered by a professional “Errors and Omissions” insurance (Up to 1 million $).A complete electronic report with pictures will be provided  to the client following the inspection.I also provide service in English or French.


Inspection101 Inc. is now offering a wide range of inspection services:

-Professional Initial Walkthrough (PIW) Inspection:    
This service is for real estate agents, property managers or real estate investors that do not need a full home inspection. My company will provided you with a rapid overview and report of the major components of the house you are looking for. Findings will be reported verbally on site for a faster decision, but can also be presented as a written report document for potential negotiations. Only major items will be inspected to established their condition, their approximate age and type of material (Roof coverings, Insulation, Ventilation, Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Structure, Windows and Doors). additional components can be added to this initial service at an additional cost.

-Home Buyer Inspection:
Typical inspection before buying your new home. Complete exterior/interior inspection, from foundation to roof, and everything in between. I cover more than 450 inspection points inside and outside your future home.mechanical equipment and appliances are inspected and tested. Infrared scan is included with every home inspection.

-Home Owner/Seller Inspection (Pre-listing):
Be a step ahead in a slower market when you’re inspecting your home before listing it. Avoid unpleasant surprises, unexpected costly repairs or endless negotiation times following potential buyer’s inspection. Pre-inspected homes are selling faster and allows you to show interested buyers that you are willing to disclose any defects of your property. “Paper copy” of the report will be sent to you to present to buyers or during open houses.

-Infrared Scan Inspection:
Complete thermal scan of the building (Interior/Exterior) for hidden defects. Missing insulation, moisture behind walls and ceilings, electrical defects, floor heating system detection are some of the advantages of performing an infrared scan. Inspection101 home inspector uses latest infrared camera from Fluke with highest definition and digital pictures.

-Warranty Expiration Inspection:
Many new construction homes come with a 1 year warranty. An increasing number of Calgary (and surrounding areas) homeowners choose to get this inspection done  to find defects and can request the builder to have them addressed before the warranty expires. Professional inspection report can be used as an official document to negotiate with your builder. This report will describe in details and with pictures all the defects that will require attention.  

-Home maintenance Inspection:
Home maintenance inspection is for homeowners who wants to take a proactive approach to home maintenance.Taking care of your home is in a way; protecting your investment and boost the value of your home. A home maintenance inspection by Inspection101 will identify the areas of the home that will need attention. this service will include roof coverings, gutter system, ground grade, windows and doors, fireplace and chimney, HVAC equipment, plumbing fixtures and drains, safety and detectors.


Feel free to contact me for all your inspection needs.